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Offerings & Investments

I now offer three product choices, Good, Better and Best, with separate versions for Families/Couples and Seniors. Other photographers use fancier names, but their 'packages' are fancier too.


You'll notice that I don't charge a separate 'Session Fee', but I DO require that you provide at least $108.25 ($100 + 8.25% sales tax) in advance, at the time we schedule your session. This is a 'Reservation Fee', which completely applies to your final purchase, but which is non-refundable if you cancel the session altogether. Of course, if you let me know in advance, and beg a little, I'll apply the whole amount to a rescheduled session. I'll need to collect the balance of the cost, depending on which product you choose, before I begin the photo-editing process and order the enlargement.


Couples and Family prices:


Good: this consists of a 2 hour session, at one or more locations, from which you'll get 10 photo-edited, full sized images on a thumb drive for printing wherever you wish. I'll also include: a) a permission slip in case the 'lab' or printer you choose (such as Walmart) wants to see one and b) I'll provide the same images sized for use as on Facebook or another site.  The cost of the Good choice is $200.00 plus sales tax ($16.50) = $216.50


Better: here you get the session above and your choice of a single traditional, textured, mounted 16 x 20 inch print, suitable for framing, or a 'Print Wrap' - a metallic print wrapped around a mount, which doesn't need to be framed. The total cost of this product is $300.00 (plus $24.75 sales tax) = $324.75.


Best: This is the combination of Good and Better where you get a 24x20 inch wall print and the 10 full sized image files. The total cost of this product is $400.00 (plus $33.00 sales tax)= $433.00


If you have fallen in love with more than the 10 images in the Good and Best packages above, I'll photoedit and include additional files at $25 each.  I also can send you a list of ala carte' product prices which apply after you have purchased a Good, Better or Best package.


Seniors prices: For seniors, take the Good, Better and Best prices above and knock off $25 ($175/$275/$325 plus sales tax). And... if you bring another 'senior friend' along, who will act as my assistant on your shoot, I'll shoot him/her, with you acting as the assistant on their shoot. If you and your friend each buy the Better or Best packages, I'll knock another $25 off both your packages. (= $250 plus tax for Better and $300 plus tax for Best).  


Something to think about and some other stuff:


a) sure, you could just buy the images only (Good) and then take them somewhere to get an 'enlargement'. But you'd probably choose a place that doesn't provide the same professional texturing and mounting services as my lab - and you'd probably choose a size smaller than 16 x 20. In my opinion, these would be two big mistakes that you'd never notice until you saw a high quality 20x24. If you choose my Better and Best product choices, or care to order other 'enlargements' via my 'ala carte' services, you won't be disappointed.


b) I don't offer 'gift prints', the industry term for prints smaller than 11 x 14 inches. That's because you can get them, as well as holiday cards, printed just about anywhere, at a quality that is probably good enough for their small sizes. I can't compete, so I don't try. However, I can and will provide great ' 'ala' carte' prices on other products such as bigger enlargements, 'canvas' or 'gallery wrap' images, 'fine art prints', etc. Just ask.


c) I don't create passport images. I will do 'headshots', but for a much higher fee than you would have to pay just about anywhere for a simple passport image.


Prices are subject to change at any time, for no reason whatsoever.